LONDRES NA BISO is the UK's first weekly community news magazine programme produced by and for Londons Congolese community. Presented in Lingala and French and with occasional articles in English, it is broadcast on Resonance104.4fm every Thursday at 4.30pm GMT and repeated the following Tuesday morning from 8am GMT. The show is presented by Miss Esther Bodi and Mr Anaclet Koffi and covers issues affecting the lives of our community in the UK and in Congo. The show may be listened to online via www.resonancefm.com.

Frere Emile Nkumu - SOCOA - Ilford / Stockwell ( 07956 115572 )
Co-leader of church based organisation offering accomodation, advice and support to asylum seekers new to the UK.

Ben Kwesele - Congolese Voluntary Orgnisation- Croydon ( 0208 665 7042 )
Immigration Advisor / Caseworker for Congolese advice group based in Croydon.

Jean Ouedrago and Deps Mpaku - Congolese Welfare Association UK - Camden / UK wide

( 0207 485 8252 )
LB Camden based group providing advocacy, advice support and information to young Congolese people.

Inno Mpila COREC - Harringey - Tottenham ( 0208 801 5797 )
Immigration Advisor / Caseworker for Congolese Refugee Centre - Harringey.

Hubert Kibambe - La Reinaissance UK wide ( 07960 383881 )
Editor of La Reinaissance magazine speaks about his experiences of producing a Francophone community magazine in the UK.

Claire Short MP - Member of Parliament for Birmingham, Ladywood
Former International Development Secretary spoke about her work in DR Congo and Rwanda and the current and proposed new legislation affecting asylum seekers in the UK.

Sam Mpengo Mpey - Grand Lacs - UK wide ( 079032 46530 )
Editor of Grand Lacs answers questions on his magazine and discusses its role within UK Congolese community.

Richard Nkundo - COCOWA - Edmonton ( 07960 650348 )
Head of Congolese Community Welfare Association - a refugee advice and support group based in LB Enfield, speaks about the organisations work and problems faced by the community.

Vital Kamere - Current DR Congo Member of Parliament - Kabila Administration
Minister of Information of Kabila Administration/Government speaks about forthcoming elections in DRC.

Michela Wrong - International Author and Journalist
Former Reuters correspondent based in Kinshasa at the fall of the Mobutu regime and author of the international bestselling book about modern Congolese history - In the footsteps of Mr Kurtz.

Bijoux Mayakapongo - Congolese womens conference organiser (07950 249384)
Interviews with speakers (Mami Amato and Matundu Mbanzi) and the conference organiser (Bijoux Mayakapongo) for the first Congolese Womens conference held in the UK.

Vital Kamere - Current DR Congo Member of Parliament - Kabila Administration
Minister of Information of Kabila Administration / Government speaking about forthcoming elections in DRC.

Sylvain Botembe - President of Union Democrate Congolaise
President of Congolese London based pro democracy political party responds to some comments made by Vital Kamere and explains the phylosophy of his organisation.

Floresse Lembe - Congolese Centre for Information and Advice - Westminster (0208 964 2777)
Floresse speaks about sickle cell anaemia and its effects on the UK's Congolese community, explaining problems, offering advice and information, means of support etc.

Theopihle Ngombo and Alex Kasembele - UDPS UK (07940 980205)

Two senior UK representitives of the UPDS party - the largest opposition part to the Kabila government in the DRC - discuss the forthcoming general election in the DRC and the way forward for democracy

Dinganga Andrasi - Pasteur, Christ for all People Ministry, London NW5 (07961 349605)
Pasteur Andrasi speaks about the role played by religion within London's Congolese community and discusses the wider immplications of the church within the UK's Congolese community.

Norbert Mbu-Mputu - Editor, Congo Ya Sika Magazine (07985 214386)
Norbert talks about the role of the press within the UK and gives his thoughts on the problems faced by the Congolese as a new community in the UK.

Jean Rene Nyoto, Blaise Mbanza, Boris Mwenze, Ms Aime Kalanga, Ms Solange Maha - members of Lamuka Congo
Five members of this non political group for young people explain to the community why they feel it is necessary to for the community to undertake a pro democracy protest march on 30th June 2005

Sylvain Botembe - President of Union Democrate Congolaise
President of PUDC discusses the cancellation of the proposed general election due to take place in June 2005. The first political elections since independance in 1960.

Pasteur Pitsu Manueno - Power of God Ministries, SW9
Pasteur Manueno addresses the issue of potential/proported child abuse within African religious communities, recently highlighted by the UK media, analysing what can be done to protect children, and what responsibilities a pasteur holds towards his congregation.

Maitre Franck Pinder, Founder - Pinder Kai Martial Arts School, London N15
Maitre Franck talks about how and why he established the school and how the school is beneficial to youngsters within the community, teaching them disipline, respect and understanding

Open Forum / Discussion (1)
Interviews made with members of the community in Tottenham N16 - discussing the recent cancellation of elections in DRC and the London based communities fears for widespread civil unrest on in DRC on 30th June 2005.

Open Forum - Discussion (2)
Interviews with community members recorded at a pro democracy rally pre-meeting held in London 18th June 2005. Also includes - personal messages from the musicians Rochereau Tabu Ley and Nyoka Longo to London's Congolese community (recorded in Brussels the previous month).


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